My little bird nest and the tree line paintings are done using techniques I developed myself. You will only find them here.

Art is something I've been around all my life. It runs in the family as they say.
My profesional career in art began when I was in my twenties and has continued to this day. I've been fortunate to have been able to find success doing something I love.
During these years I've painted in oils, pastels and acrylics. A few years ago I began making my own hand made paper to be used as an art surface.
The idea of sculpting my hand made paper into a three dimensional art service came to me one day. I developed a technique where the painted object is raised off the paper before painting. You can see this in my little nest paintings. The little eggs look like they are actually down inside the nest. To make these one of a kind nest paintings even more special, I add a real bird feather inside the nest.
I've begun including paintings of tree lines along a lake done on my hand made paper.
The technique is one that I developed using paint mixed with water on wet paper and then adding the details after the paper is dry. These paintings are a favorite of mine because they can be done in any color. Choose your favorite color or a color to match your decor. As well as using recycled paper I've began using recycled frames as well.
I'm excited about this because it's good for the environment and it keeps the cost down. So everyone can afford original art.
Recently I've been perfecting the art of felting. As has other art mediums, working with wool comes naturally. It is like sculpting and painting at the same time. So far I really enjoy doing ocean scenes using wool as well as doing animal portraits.
Where ever my need to create leads me, my hope is to create art that makes people smile.

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